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Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

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How does the Insurance Appraisal process work?

Mediating Insurance Disputes

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There are too many topics of mediation to list here. However my experience gives me an understanding of Property Claim and Construction Disputes that can allow me to reach a quicker resolution.

While I have been trained in many different types of mediation, my background in construction, is where I can be of the most benefit.


  • Mediating Insurance disputes
  • Creating professional estimates
  • Serving as an Expert Witness
  • Umpiring & Appraising disputed Property Insurance Claims
  • General Construction (restoration).
About James\

Texas Expert Insurance Appraiser

Achieving a proper resolution for an insurance claim such as a homeowners claim, condominium claim or commercial claim can be very difficult when the insurance company and the policyholder do not agree about the value of the loss sustained. In these situations, a Texas expert insurance appraiser can provide a neutral evaluation that can move the parties closer to settling the claim, allowing the insurance company to have a sense of the payout and the policyholder to feel relieved knowing that much-needed funds are on their way.

Many policyholders find the insurance claims process confusing. They often feel that the insurance company has more leverage in these cases and that appraisers favor insurance companies. By having a neutral evaluation conducted by a Texas expert insurance appraiser helps level the playing field and ensures a fair outcome for both parties involved. James Judge & Associates will complete a set of specific tasks to help the policyholder be put back to a pre-loss condition and be indemnified. These steps will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of loss, location of loss, the type of structure involved and the existence of previous appraisals.

Fair and Confidential Insurance Appraisal Process Resolves Disputes in Justin, Texas
If an insurance provider and policy holder do not agree about the value of property involved in a claim, the appraisal process can be used to resolve these valuation issues.The insurance contract may provide for an independent appraisal to make the determination regarding the value of the property involved in the claim, or the parties may mutually agree to this process to resolve their issue. This process is offered as a faster and more affordable alternative to going to court to resolve the dispute on the amount of damage involved in the claim. If you would like an independent insurance appraisal from a trusted appraiser in Justin, Texas, James Judge & Associates are here to help.

Most insurance contracts that contain an appraisal clause allow the policyholder or the insurance company to make a written request for an appraisal if they are unable to agree on the value of property or loss involved. An appraiser can review information about the property and the coverage, including pictures, public records, recent sales of similar items and other information to estimate the value of the property. He or she uses this information and his or her independent knowledge to calculate the value of the property involved. The parties can agree to use this independent appraisal as the value of the claim. In other situations, they may turn to an insurance claims appraiser to resolve disparity in appraisals. In some cases, the insurance adjuster and policyholder each have their own appraisal completed and they then select a neutral umpire to serve as the final decision maker if the appraisals are different and the appraisers cannot resolve these differences.

Texas Expert Insurance Appraiser Can Evaluate a Variety of Claims
As an expert insurance appraiser, James Judge has been called on to resolve valuation disputes involving a variety of claims; he can determine the value of loss resulting from:

  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Storm damage
  • Hail damage
  • Hurricane damage
  • Tornado damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Flooding

Additionally, he is a trained expert who can competently evaluate claims involving a number of insurance products, including auto insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial insurance and many others. For help resolving your insurance claim dispute, contact James Judge & Associates or visit them online at

Why Choose James Judge & Associates
James Judge is a Texas expert insurance appraiser who has dedicated his career to helping individuals and businesses resolve their disputes through alternative methods that protect the interests of all parties involved. His lifetime involvement with the construction industry allowed him to develop an in-depth understanding of the construction and valuation process and allowed him to become an industry leader in formal appraisal.

In addition to his expert appraisal services, he also serves as an expert witness, creates professional estimates, mediates insurance disputes and umpires disputed property insurance claims, tasks that encompass the entire insurance claims process. For years, the residents of Justin, Texas have trusted him to objectively resolve their insurance disputes and you can, too.

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For help appraising the value of the property involved in your claim, contact James Judge & Associates at 940-648-0111 to learn more about the appraisal process and how we can help.

About James


I am associated with several professional organizations having to do with my experience. I strive to be Competent, Non-biased, Neutral and fair as required by these organizations.

I grew up in the construction industry and have followed that path ever since.

James M. Judge

James Judge
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An umpire serves as the neutral on an appraisal panel between two appraisers, each designated by opposing sides in the disagreement. The umpire’s role is to resolve any differences between the parties

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