The ADR that I can be most helpful with, has to do with disputed property insurance claims. I have experience as an Insurance Appraiser, Umpire, Expert witness, estimator and Mediator.

I am associated with several professional organizations having to do with my experience. I strive to be Competent, Non-biased, Neutral and fair as required by these organizations.

I grew up in the construction industry and have followed that path ever since. I have hands on construction experience, Architecture, Estimating, Independent Insurance Adjusting, Insurance Appraisal Process, Mediation, Small Business experience, etc.

I currently serve as an Estimator, Expert Witness, Insurance Appraiser, Umpire and Mediator in the area of disputed construction and insurance property claims.

I still do a select few jobs as General Contractor when they come up, but my interests are geared toward on Mediation and the Appraisal Process (ADR) of disputed property insurance claims.