Effective Mediation in Justin, Texas Resolves Civil Disputes

James Judge’s vast experience in the construction industry and insurance disputes make him a popular selection as a mediator for civil disputes. He has owned and worked at various construction companies in the Justin, Texas area and understands the legal issues involved in operating this type of business. He specializes in creating professional estimates, umpiring and appraising disputed property insurance claims and serving as an expert witness. This ample experience allows him to quickly and accurately estimate the value of property involved in various types of disputes.

How the Mediation Process Works

During mediation, the parties begin by giving an opening statement about their dispute and their position. The parties explain why they have been unable to resolve the issue and what they are hoping to achieve through mediation. The mediator then explains that the mediator is unbiased and neutral. He or she uses conflict resolution skills to help the parties reach an amicable decision and avoid litigation.

The parties then try to brainstorm solutions and work together to reach a resolution of their case. If they reach an agreement, it is written up and the parties sign it.

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